Monday, February 20, 2012

Architecture- Photography Project Week 1, Day 4

Today was a slow day.  After all was said and done, at the end of the day I really wasn't feeling very inspired.  I wound up going to Mt. Washington, MD, which is about 10 minutes from my house and I walked around.

This was one of my favorite places to go to either brunch or dinner with the girls.  Unfortunately it closed down this past year, and we were definately heart broken.  I was suprised to see all the restaurant signs still up, it almost looked like it was still open, but it has been closed for almost six months.

And when you walk approximately 20 feet down the street you see the Mount Washington Tavern which is currently being rebuilt after a fire last fall.  I went here quite a bit as a child with my family, and so it was pretty depressing to see it at this stage.

Well, altogether is a pretty pathetic showing for the day, but some days will be like this.  Tomorrow I have some big plans, and am planning to send Architecture week off with a bang.

Happy Monday,


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