Wednesday, July 4, 2012


I have a very silly obsession with the fourth of July....I was born in July and I spent my entire childhood  believing that the fourth of July was a celebration for me.  I love barbeque's, I love fireworks, and I love picnics!!!

The last few years I have gone to Oregon Ridge in Hunt Valley for the fourth of July, they have a show where you can listen to the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra for an hour, and then they have a fireworks show.  My friends and I get there early each year, and have a picnic dinner and chat.

I love the fireworks that look like sparklers, they are load and fun!!!

Red-white-and blue fireworks are fun tooo!!!!  I took all these pictures on my lil point and shoot camera, luckily they came out pretty well.

I love the silhouettes of the people sitting in front of us.  This turned out to be a very haunting picture

Happy Fourth of July!!!!
Love Always,


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