Saturday, January 26, 2013

Villanova Vs. Syracuse

Today my father and I made our way to Villanova University to see a wildcat basket ball game, and it was the best game I have been to in years.

Because of traffic and parking we usually get to the stadium an hour early.  It's always fun to see the seats fill up.

The calm before the storm  :  )

Here they were practicing at half time.

Going into this game, as Syracuse is number 3 in the league, we were definitely the underdog. 

 With 2 minutes left the Syracuse fans behind us were shouting, "the games it now."  With 18 seconds left we were still down by three points.  Arcidiacono made that three point shot with seconds to spare.  The game definately wasn't over, and we went to over time.

The atmosphere in the arena was palpable, and this is why I love going to games.  The excitement of the fans, especially the students.

When we won, 75-71 in overtime the crowd went nuts.  The students had been preparing to rush the court for a few minutes leading up to the win.

I guess these pictures really speak for themselves.  It was an amazing game!!!  The best part was when we were leaving, the woman sitting next to me turns around and shouted, "NOW the game is over."  The syracuse fans didn't know what to say.  Go Nova!!!!!

Love Always,


Saturday, January 5, 2013

Fells Point

I made my way to Fells Point today, and I had absolutely no intention of taking pictures.  I did not bring Bert, my big camera...thankfully I always have my point and shoot camera in my purse.

I have not been to Fells Point, or simply down town baltimore in a while, so I had no idea that there was heavy construction occurring in Fell Point.

I could not believe that these buildings were all gutted, and only the front facades were still standing.

I was also heartbreaking to see the damage that had been done to this supermarket in the middle of the square, thankfully it looks like renovations may be beginning.

I loved the way the light shown through the supports.

And the cool blue sky against the warm red bricks.

I will definitely go back on an overcast day, it was far too bright today.

Hahahah, I love the juxtaposition of the open Hungry Andy's restaurant next to an empty facade.

When I go to fells, usually I get a cup of gelato and sit on the pier.  I love to sit by the water.

So beautiful  :  )

I was quite surprised at the vast amount of bird flapping around.  This was a very lucky shot where the birds took flight just as I depressed the shutter.

A family with a young child had brought bread crumbs, which brought all the birds to the pier.  But then the child was running around, as children do, and the birds would startle and fly off.

All in all it was a great day.  Had great italian food in little italy, wandered about in Fells Point, and watched Les Miserables.   A very nice beginning to 2013.

Love Always,