Saturday, December 29, 2012

Snow Snow Snow

Today my big brother came to celebrate christmas with my father and myself, and we were blessed with snow.  I always appreciate snow more when I am not expected to drive in it.

I love when there is a fresh snowfall and everything is crisp and white.  The snow was untouched and perfect.

Of course Mr. Winks wanted to play in the snow, I love his little snow mustache.

This is my brother's dog Kaylee, she is much better behaved then my Mr. Winks.  She loves my brother and follows him around everywhere.  

I love her bright brown eyes.  So sweet.

The holiday season is coming to a close and work is about to get extremely busy....but I hope to spend some quality time with my beloved camera in the coming weeks.  

Love Always, 


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Dinner

Today my father and I celebrated Christmas with a buffalo wing dinner, thanks to my mother's deep frier we cooked the wings like a well oiled machine.

We decided to use the franks redhot sauce's buffalo wing sauce recipe.  (with twice the hot sauce.)

Yummo, would you look at that lovely brick of butter!!!!

My mother always taught me that the secret to making good buffalo wings is to make lots of small batches.  By the time one set of wings were done, we would put the next batch in.  Delicious.

We ate each batch as soon as they were done deep frying, nice and crisp.  Just a quick dip in the sauce and they went straight to our plates.

I think that this is going to become a new Christmas tradition for my father and myself.  Merry Christmas!!!!

Love Always,


Monday, December 24, 2012

Mr. Winks' First Snow

Today was the first day that I got to see Mr. Winks play in the snow and he loved it.

Thankfully he had a hair cut just in time, because his hair had been really scruffy.

I love my beautiful little guy, and I can't wait to spent Christmas celebrating Jesus's Birthday, and Mr. Wink's Birthday too.

Merry Christmas,


Saturday, December 22, 2012

Harpers Ferry

So on this blustery Saturday morning I went for a hike in Harpers Ferry with a friend from work.  Walking through the center of the old town was really like walking back in time.

I loved the ornate porches and the calm of the deserted town.  I guess we came at the right time of year.

This is an active rail road bridge with a pedestrian walk-way, we walked across the bridge to get to the trail.

I took this picture before the hike because I loved the sweet white house, little did I know that I was also including in the frame, the cliff that I was climbing up to.  Geez Louise was that a hike.

The day started out overcast, and little by little the sun came out.  On a normal day that would be a great thing, but it became sooo bright that I was worried about the harsh light on my pictures.  Thankfully I think it worked out perfectly.

I'm guessing that there was a fire of some sort, but I love this hollowed out building.  

You may notice that no hiking photos were included in this post, that is because an eighth of the way up I realized that I was sorely out of shape.  One third of the way up I waffled over whether or not to turn back, but thankfully I made it too the top and the view was spectacular.

It was worth every minute just to see the gorgeous view though, amazing.

We saw multiple trains today, but I wasn't in the right position to get a great picture.  I would have loved to get a picture of a train going through the tunnels here.

I have been aching to get a good panoramic picture, here are a few attempts from today.

I did some minor editing to this picture, but the sun really was peaking through the clouds throughout the day, and every so often you would see a spotlight shine through.  Gorgeous day.

Love Always,


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Visionary Art Museum

Today I went to visit the visionary art museum and it was even more amazing then I thought it would be.  The museum prohibits photography of any kind inside of the museum, but there are more then enough statues and gardens to take pictures of.

This was an amazing tree, made out of glass.  The colored pieces are on the trunk.

I loved this colorful goofy little duck.

I've been a bit caught up with work as of late, but I will try to keep up with the blog as I can.

Love Always,