Sunday, October 19, 2014

Smiling in Savannah

Today was the final day of my vacation, and we decided to visit Savannah.
 I hope that my mother will have me for another visit, after this long walk through Savannah...
 I might have gotten my directions mixed up, and we walked up a few sets of stairs, walked back down a few sets of stairs...
 Thankfully my mother is patient, and we saw a lot of exciting things.  "What bear is best?" The Savannah brown bear.  :  )
 Beautiful door   :  )
 Another set of stairs, sorry Ma.
 Savannah's Old Harbor Light, which is a the loosest definition of the word.  
 The beautiful Pirate House.
 Crooked window and door, a must see.
 The most relaxing part of the entire Savannah tour, was lunch at Tubby's next to the River Street Inn.
 We'll have to go back again.
Love Always, 


Friday, October 17, 2014

Church ruins

Today we made our way to beaufort...
 and visited the Old Sheldon Church Ruins.
I had been here before, but I was still surprised by how huge the ruins are. 
 I'll let the rest of the pictures speak for themselves.

 Then we went for an early lunch at Panini on the Waterfront in the city of beaufort.
 Finally we sat in my mothers yard to watch the birds circle the lake.  
I caught the egret as it decided to take flight  :  )
Love Always,


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Vacation by the marsh

It is starting to get chilly in Maryland, and so I made an impromptu trip to my mother's home in South Carolina.  On our first day, we made our way to palmetto bluff. 
 There is something about this sweet little church that draws us in.

 We went at the perfect time of day, I was able to get some good interior pictures.

 So I am determined that should I ever marry, that it should happen here.

After a long few weeks at work, with a lot of overtime, the marshes were a welcomed site.  What a wonder place for a relaxing vacation.  
Love Always,


Sunday, September 28, 2014

Charm City Penguin Cake

I have lived in baltimore for the vast majority of my life, so when a reality show came onto TV with a Baltimore based cake company, I was overjoyed.  I watched every single episode of Ace of Cakes when it was on TV, never thinking that I would see one of these gorgeous cakes in person. 
 Imagine my surprise when I saw the cake on my way out of the Zoo yesterday.  It was intricate an amazing.  I am going to pretend that it is still in existence, and hasn't been eaten.
 Thankfully there wasn't any other visitors around, so I could take some time photographing each layer.  Like the penguin holding a yellow balloon.  Sooo cute.  
 Or a little penguin who was caught coming right out of the shower.  
 Mona Lisa painting penguin standing just a few inches from a penguin reading "penguin beat."
 Mr. Penguin chef, baking fish shaped cakes.  

Blogger penguin, that is totally me!!!!!
 Such a beautiful cake, I am zoo glad that I got to see it in person because these photographs do not do it justice.  
Love Always,