Friday, November 2, 2012

Life after Sandy

It was a long week, but thank goodness it's weekend!!!  Thankfully where I live in MD, we had little to no damage.  My prayers are with those who had substantial damage to their homes and with those who lost loved ones in the storm.

This three day weekend felt longer than most five day weeks.  Go figure.  My mother is moving to South Carolina, and I had the task of going through all of my childhood things.  After throwing out 90% of my things, I found my copy of A Wish for Wings that Work, and I had a great time of thumbing through it.

The penguin is my favorite boyds bear, named Wally.  I'll probably be pretty busy this weekend with the move, but I will try to drive up to DC to take some more pictures.

Love Always,



  1. Ah Christmas books! I love Christmas picture books so much!