Saturday, February 15, 2014

Tybee Island

 This weekend I am spending some time with my mother in South Carolina.  Thankfully she humors me and we go on road trips to take pictures.  I love lighthouses, so today we made our way to Tybee Island in Georgia to visit two lighthouses. 
This is the Tybee lighthouse, they are getting ready to repaint the exterior so I could not climb it. 
 I love this picture, the lighthouse looks soooo inviting.  
Then we made a ten minute drive to the Cockspur lighthouse.  I couldn't get too close to the lighthouse, but hopefully this summer I can take a ferry to get a bit closer.  The lighthouse is surrounded by marsh lands, so it isn't possible to walk right up to it.  
I hope everyone had an amazing Valentines day, and a lovely long weekend  :  )
Love Always,


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