Saturday, February 23, 2013

Hilton Head Visit

It's been a while since I have seen my mother's so I was really excited to spend a three day weekend here.

The first place on our list to visit was the crazy crab.  Yummo.  Every summer I would go here with my Grandma and Grandpa and it was such a treat.

Of course I have to take a picture of the infamous Diver Dan.  

 The pelicans are magnificent.  We sat on rocking chairs on this rainy day and just watched to birds fly by.  What a great change from the non stop days at work.

Harbor Town!!!!  I happen to love light houses, and this is the first light house that I ever visited.

It's never been used as a light house, it's solely for decorative purposes, but that makes no difference to me.

Love Love Love it. 

 A final look at the overcast sky before we went home to rest and relax.

Love Always,


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