Sunday, September 28, 2014

Charm City Penguin Cake

I have lived in baltimore for the vast majority of my life, so when a reality show came onto TV with a Baltimore based cake company, I was overjoyed.  I watched every single episode of Ace of Cakes when it was on TV, never thinking that I would see one of these gorgeous cakes in person. 
 Imagine my surprise when I saw the cake on my way out of the Zoo yesterday.  It was intricate an amazing.  I am going to pretend that it is still in existence, and hasn't been eaten.
 Thankfully there wasn't any other visitors around, so I could take some time photographing each layer.  Like the penguin holding a yellow balloon.  Sooo cute.  
 Or a little penguin who was caught coming right out of the shower.  
 Mona Lisa painting penguin standing just a few inches from a penguin reading "penguin beat."
 Mr. Penguin chef, baking fish shaped cakes.  

Blogger penguin, that is totally me!!!!!
 Such a beautiful cake, I am zoo glad that I got to see it in person because these photographs do not do it justice.  
Love Always,


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