Sunday, October 19, 2014

Smiling in Savannah

Today was the final day of my vacation, and we decided to visit Savannah.
 I hope that my mother will have me for another visit, after this long walk through Savannah...
 I might have gotten my directions mixed up, and we walked up a few sets of stairs, walked back down a few sets of stairs...
 Thankfully my mother is patient, and we saw a lot of exciting things.  "What bear is best?" The Savannah brown bear.  :  )
 Beautiful door   :  )
 Another set of stairs, sorry Ma.
 Savannah's Old Harbor Light, which is a the loosest definition of the word.  
 The beautiful Pirate House.
 Crooked window and door, a must see.
 The most relaxing part of the entire Savannah tour, was lunch at Tubby's next to the River Street Inn.
 We'll have to go back again.
Love Always, 


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