Saturday, August 30, 2014

South Carolina!!!

Yesterday I took a plane ride to South Carolina, to visit my Mother.  I needed some time away and some inspiration to take some pictures.  Thankfully I have had a ton of beautiful photo opportunities.
 This is my beautiful childhood pet, Stormy Blue.  He is by far the most well mannered, happy camper that I have ever met.  My only regret is that I only had a film camera when we brought him home.  I have so many more pictures of Mr. Winks, and I wish I had more of Stormy. 
Stormy Blue truly loves life in South Carolina.  He never liked the cold weather, and life in a warmer climate makes him smile  :  )
A day at my mothers would not be complete without a picture of a bird meandering around the lagoon.  I think this is an egret, but to be honest, I am never really sure.
 My mother has always had a green thumb, and so I was not surprised to see some blooming flowers in her garden.  
 I happen to love Bees, thankfully it has been years since I have been stung...
Uh oh, I think he sees me.  :  )
Love Always,


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