Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Seven Foot Knoll

I have been trying to get out and take some more pictures, I have gotten a little bit off track this month.

I love lighthouses!!!  This is the Seven Foot Knoll lighthouse, in Baltimore, MD.  This is probubly the closest lighthouse to my home, but I had never been there before today.  

This is the oldest Screw Pile light house in MD. Screw Pile Lighthouses were literaly screwed into the soil under the water.

In 1988, the lighthouse was removed from Seven Foot Knoll and was moved to Baltimore's Inner harbor where I was able to visit it today.  This lighthouse has such a unique look to it, and I was excited to get to visit it.

Love Always,



  1. I have enjoyed a browse through many of your posts, you compose and edit your photos wonderfully. So many interesting places to visit too.
    Have you just made you blog public or has your list of "Followers" disappeared?

    1. Hi Karen, I just figured out the followers function, I just had a list of my favorite blogs written down. Thank you sooo much for looking through, I just kind of started this blog as a way to document my photography. I love your blog.