Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

So my work never closes....ever....ever....ever...

But I still diligently called the bad weather phone number last night, and multiple times this morning, then at 7:30 I decided to make my way towards work.

So Mr. Hip Hop and I drove 45 miles per hour on 695, and did my best not to get into an accident.  We stopped by dunkin donuts and got a coffee and bagel, and of course by the time I got back in my car, work had been closed.  I had to giggle, it had been maybe five minutes since I had last called the bad weather number.

After a quick stop at the super market for some necessities (i.e. queso dip) Mr. Hip Hop and I made our way back home.  These photos are deceiving, the weather was much worse on my way home and there were tractor trailers speeding, I can only assume they were racing to get home, and I was praying the whole way home.  Well, I was both praying and singing *Nsync's "Its Tearing up my Heart."

I am now home and going through a few instagram pictures I had on my phone...

The beautiful sunflowers from Fallston.

My lazy dog who barely acknowledged me when I came home safe and sound.

A bit of weather.

This picture actually needs an explanation.  My mother is moving and while I was cleaning out my room at her house (i.e. throwing away a lot of junk), and I found my *Nsync bobble heads.  Yes I too a picture, and yes I most definitely kept them.  Amazing.

Be Safe.

Love Always,


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