Monday, October 1, 2012

Africa: Day 12

Today we went on a hot air balloon ride.  I was really excited to go on a hot air balloon ride, not once did I think about how I would return to the ground.  Not once.

We began out ascent, and saw an amazing sunrise, and were sooo excited to see the vast countryside.

The ride lasted for 40 minutes.  Then Gunther, our Austrian hot air balloon pilot, told us to assume the landing position, which was a seated position.  A second before we landed Gunther said, "there will be a slight bump, not too bad."  Then it felt as if we were in a car accident, we collided with the earth, and then we bumped into multiple termite mounds before we slid to a stop.  It was a jarring experience.  Amazing, but jarring.

Hugging zebras!!!!

About twenty minutes form our camp, the driver stopped and said..."I see a cat." We spent the next hour staring at a leopard, who was stalking it's prey.  It was the most amazing experience.  People go to Africa and don't even see a leopard, I saw four different leopards, and one was stalking prey.

This was the most amazing trip I have ever been on.  Amazing!!!

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