Saturday, December 22, 2012

Harpers Ferry

So on this blustery Saturday morning I went for a hike in Harpers Ferry with a friend from work.  Walking through the center of the old town was really like walking back in time.

I loved the ornate porches and the calm of the deserted town.  I guess we came at the right time of year.

This is an active rail road bridge with a pedestrian walk-way, we walked across the bridge to get to the trail.

I took this picture before the hike because I loved the sweet white house, little did I know that I was also including in the frame, the cliff that I was climbing up to.  Geez Louise was that a hike.

The day started out overcast, and little by little the sun came out.  On a normal day that would be a great thing, but it became sooo bright that I was worried about the harsh light on my pictures.  Thankfully I think it worked out perfectly.

I'm guessing that there was a fire of some sort, but I love this hollowed out building.  

You may notice that no hiking photos were included in this post, that is because an eighth of the way up I realized that I was sorely out of shape.  One third of the way up I waffled over whether or not to turn back, but thankfully I made it too the top and the view was spectacular.

It was worth every minute just to see the gorgeous view though, amazing.

We saw multiple trains today, but I wasn't in the right position to get a great picture.  I would have loved to get a picture of a train going through the tunnels here.

I have been aching to get a good panoramic picture, here are a few attempts from today.

I did some minor editing to this picture, but the sun really was peaking through the clouds throughout the day, and every so often you would see a spotlight shine through.  Gorgeous day.

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