Sunday, November 17, 2013

Color Run

Today my pal Alaina and I went to the color run 5K in Baltimore.  I'd never been to one before, but I was dying to take some pictures.  The race was mainly between Camden Yards and M&T bank Stadium, and the track snaked around so we got to see people in various colorful stages. 
This is a picture from midway through the race, but I love seeing the heavy traffic going to a fro.  
As we walked up to the blue station, blue being my favorite color, we could see how windy it had been that morning.  Two blocks ahead, we were already seeing blue. Everything was saturated. 
I love the tutus!!!  One of the mothers of the volunteers stopped me as I was taking pictures and told me that some of the volunteers today are childhood cancer survivors.  Such a wonderful thing for the race to do, and all of the volunteers appeared to be having a great time.  
This isn't a serious 5K, it is more for fun and happiness.  There was music blaring the entire time. 
Hahahah, the blue volunteers remind me of Braveheart. 

I love how the mist of blue engulfs the runners and volunteers.  
This picture makes me giggle.  All of the craziness going on in the background and this serious gentleman with his miniature greyhound striking a pose.  I had to take a picture. 
After a while we made our way to the yellow station and I am glad that I did.  The yellow smoke was a lot less dense and I could see more of the action.  Again, I love the tutus.

This race is more of a family affair, I saw a ton of strollers families.  
 Overall, I had a pretty spectacular day.  It is going to rain tonight and tomorrow but it was nice and dry today.  Maybe next year I'll run in the race, and by run I mean meander slowly.  If I had to make an assertion, I'd have to say the the color run is the happiest 5k around  :  )

Love Always,


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