Sunday, September 30, 2012

Africa: Day 11

When we were driving to the Samburu camp, we drove through a little town that was crowded with people.  It was too dark to get any pictures, but as we left today I was able to get some pictures.  It was still pretty low light, but at least I was able to document some of the character.

It seemed like every building on this block was a bar, but I was in hysterics when I saw this hotel and butcher shop.  Unfortunately we did not stop and see what the accommodations were like.  :  )

The final place that we visited was the Massai Mara.  This is another tribe of the Massai, they were doing their laundry each day as we drove out to do game drives.

I love this tree, I think the trees that we saw were some of the most beautiful trees ever.

This is a young Zebra, you can tell by it's light brown fur.  I love how these young Zebras look like little fuz balls.

Today was the first day that we saw an active male lion.  He was awake and walking around.

This lion walked right past our van.  It was one of a a hand full of moments where I was really afraid.

I was also lucky enough to catch the lion mid yawn, no he was not roaring, it was a sight to see.

Finally, here is the African moon.

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  1. Wow! Those lion pics are great! You were able to get him yawning and drinking water!!!