Saturday, May 11, 2013

Italy day 12

I took this picture specially for my friend Jess, and it just so happened to be my favorite picture of the Ponte Vecchio. She was on the dragon boat team for her work, so when I saw this crew team paddling along the arno I had to take a picture.  I also edited this picture more then normal, I tend to like more muted pictures, but the bridge is so bright in real life that I had to tweek the picture a bit.
Now I have to be honest, I was sick this day.  I had so many plans, which never came to fruition...but that will just give me another excuse to come back  :  )
A beautiful morning picture of Florence's Duomo.  Ahhhhhh, I love this picture. 
I love absolutely everything about the Duomo.
The detail is amazing.
This is the door to climb up into the dome, but I was feeling pretty sick so I didn't do it.  I'll be sure to climb it when I make my way back to the city. 
I just walked around the Duomo and took hundreds of pictures.  
This is a panoramic photo, and I know that the perspective is way off, but for some reason I still love it. Imperfect as it is, I had to include it.  
This is my favorite picture.  It is also a panoramic shot, and while the perspective is also a bit off, it's not as dramatic as the previous photo.
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