Sunday, May 12, 2013

Italy day 13

This is the Piazza San Marco.  I have tons of pictures of people wandering around the square the next day, but to be honest I was too shocked day one, as the pigeons were everywhere. Also, there was construction going on to the left of this picture, that is why you are not seeing the whole square. 
I love this clock tower, amazing.
This is Michael the most gorgeous gondola driver in the history of all time. 
Hahahah, I took a ton of pictures of him, which thankfully he must be used to. 
I love this Venice picture, one of my favorite.  
I think this might be my favorite picture of my father ever, of all our trips this is one of the moments that he could not keep a smile off his face.  

Many people told me that I would not like Venice, but I truly loved it.  I will definitely go back.  

Love Always,


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