Monday, May 13, 2013

Italy Day 14

As promised, more pictures of the Piazza of San Marco.  My gut reaction was to run up to everyone who was touching a pigeon and douse them with Purell.  It was only by the second day that I could calm down enough to take a picture. 
Another picture of St. Marc's clocktower.  
The next stop on our trip was a glass blowing factory.  Now this isn't technically venetian glass, because venetian glass is made on the island of Murano. But it was really cool to see this man create a horse in like three minutes.  
isn't this cool?
Now this is the Bridge of Sighs in the back ground.  When people were arrested by the secret police and brought to the Doge's palace, they would then be brought by this bridge to the prison.   

We were able to enter the Doge's palace and this is a view from inside the Bridge of Sighs.
This is the Bridge of Sighs from the other side.  They call it the Bridge of Sighs because the builder imagined that the prisoners would sigh as they saw one last view of venice. 
On our last day we took a motor boat around the sites of venice.  
I love to see the cracks in buildings and the flaws.  There is just so much texture to these buildings.

This was the last day of our trip and I had such an amazing time in Italy.
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