Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Go Orioles

 Our work had a team outing to the Orioles game against the Tampa Rays.  I've been to a few games, but this was the first time going with a big group.  We all met up at Pickles Pub.

Pickles is right across the street from the stadium so we has a quick beer and made out way to the game. I felt so sorry for this poor girl.  It was hotter then hades out there, and she was wearing that polyester pickle costume.  Luckily hit had shorts built in that must have made a huge difference.  

I have been practicing taking panoramic shots, so I was proud of the results.  But I have to work on the perspective, the field is completely out of perspective.  That being said, it makes me feel the energy of the game.  

I'll never forget going to Cal Ripken's last game. Love seeing all the Orange. 

One of my co-workers sat in front of me, which presented a great photo opportunity.  

 I love night games, because you can see the sky get progressively darker.  The clouds always make for a more dynamic picture.  (I swear, I was watching the score a little bit too)

A little powwow.  I love how almost everyone looks so serious, except the one player meandering across the field.

 My final picture of the night, with the illuminated field and the cloudy sky.  I had a great time at the game, I think the girls and I are going to have to go as a group more often.

Love Always,


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