Friday, August 23, 2013

Hilton Head day 2

I woke up this morning up with no plans what so ever, that changed quickly.

Two blue herons showed up this morning, which was good after we had a total no show yesterday.

I suddenly had the urge to travel and take pictures.  My blessed mother was up for the challenge so we packed up the van and made our way around Beaufort and the surrounding areas.

My favorite part of the carolinas, is the smell.  There is a strong scent of jasmine that hits you, as soon as you leave the house.  And as shown yesterday, my love of spanish moss.  We had to pull over as we passed this tree. 

Next on the list was the old sheldon church ruins.  This church was burnt down twice, and I found the ruins to be absolutely stunning.  

This is one of my first attempts at a panoramic photo that has been successful. The red brick really pops.  The green and the red is wonderful. 

The spanish moss is visible in the background, and I love how the red brick shines through the pale concrete. This church just has a ton of character.

I left the bricks a little more sedate in this picture, I really wanted the trees to be the focal point.  Whether or not it works, is neither here nor there.  I love it.

This is my mother standing against the pillars, the cobalt blue contrasts nicely with the brick.

Then we made our way to the Chapel of Ease.  I guess the theme of the day was historic churches which had burned down over a century ago.

When we drove up to this church, I was just as impressed, even without the stark red bricks.

The trees looked greener, the bark stood out more, and the windows are magnificent.

My favorite picture  :  )

The next destination that we went to, was the avenue of the oaks.  Which was in the boonies.  I have never been in such a rural area and we had the most difficult time finding the place.  But once we got there, the line of trees were to die for.

The final place that we went was the Hunting Island lighthouse.  This lighthouse wasn't even on my radar, I had never heard of it until today.  Like everything else to day, we got completely lost trying to get there.  But it was worth the wait.  I scaled all the way to the top and saw the great view. 

The lighthouse hasn't always been here, it was moved piece by piece to be more inland.  The water was receeding back and the lighthouse would have been ruined if the move had not taken place.  This little periscope has the outline of the lighthouse printed into it.  If you look through, then you can see the lighthouse where it originally was.  Pretty cool.

There were a ton of stairs, but the hike was well worth it.  All in all, I had an extremely successful day.

Love Always,


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