Saturday, September 27, 2014

New Penguin Exhibit at the Baltimore Zoo

Today I went to the Baltimore Zoo.  The penguin coast grand opening was today, and I wanted to stop by.  I decided in the car that I was not going to fret about getting the best pictures, I can come back at a later date when it is less crowded, today was about enjoying the visit.
 I must say that the new exhibit is beautiful, and I truly believe that it will improve the quality of life of the penguins.  I have never seen them swim with so much excitement.  
 I could not remember when feeding time was, but thankfully it was ten minutes after I arrived.  So cute.  
 Not only do they have more room to swim, we are closer to them as well.  
 This is the area where the zoo workers fed the penguins.  
 Fact, this penguin jumped off of this rock, it was amazing.  I did not capture it on my camera, but it is something that I will try to photograph in my future visits.  
 The Zoo has a wonderful indoor exhibit where you can see the penguins swim upper water, but as it was feeding time, the penguins were not swimming by.  I don't blame them.  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day :  )
This is the entire viewing area.  It was funny to see the crowds of people from this perspective.  I have more pictures to share, I'll try to post them promptly.  
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