Monday, September 1, 2014

Hummingbirds, oh my goodness.

This morning my wish was granted, I saw a hummingbird.  I can't say that I got any amazing pictures, but the thrill of seeing a hummingbird in real life was enough.  :  )
As you could see in previous pictures, there are quite a few bumble bees in the area.  When I heard the Hummingbird, I thought it was another bee.  I was completely shocked to see a hummingbird in my Mother's yard.  This was the closest that I got to the bird.   
These pictures were back lit, but it was a mazing to capture the silouette of the bird.   
In flight  :  )
I don't know if this is Seamus Jr. or what, but I called him Shamy after the glorious union of Sheldon and Amy on the office.  This little tree frog fit on a single blade of grass. 
 This afternoon we went to visit the crazy crab in Hilton head, and we sat right on the marsh.  While I love Harbor Town in Ship Yard, the second Crazy Crab has outdoor seating and there is always a breeze on the marsh.  
I had a nice cool october fest while enjoying the view.  We also visited Harbor Town, to see the beautiful wharf.  
There is nothing like a beautiful reflection in the water. 
Finally, I got a picture of a beautiful blue bird.  Today was wonderful.  Thank goodness for paid holidays.  Life is good, no doubt about that.
Love Always,


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