Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ocean Grove Part 2

Ocean Grove is where I spent the majority of my time in New Jersey.  There was a street fair occurring, and I got to take pictures of the unique houses. 

 These little cottages must be summer houses, they are only a few blocks from the beach. 
 That is a standard two story house behind the cottages.  I love the seasonal wreath.  
 I loved the vivid blues that some of these houses were painted.
 The homeowners of this house, appeared to be having a rummage sale.  I love this picture. 
 How did they build this addition, without making it the same size as the bottom of the house?  And how can that protruding area be structurally sound?  Love it.

Gnomes, there can never be too many gnomes.

Finally, the strangest site that we saw.  A family building a sandcastle in their winter coats. 

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