Friday, January 3, 2014

China Day 3

Today we went to visit the Forbidden city, this was just soooo exciting.  

I love that you can see the reflection in the water in front of the city.
We walked through the many small corridors.  I love the detail on the roof. 
In this picture the large basins of water that you see were strategically placed throughout the palace.  They held water and were there to extinguish any fires that should aries back in the day.
It's the little details that made this place so special. 

Now we started this tour going the opposite direction, then normal tours go.  Because of this we were able to take pictures without the crowds in the way.  Once we got to the mid way mark, we began to see large crowds.  This was just before the midway mark. 

 I could almost imagine what it was like when the emperors lived here. 
 This was where it became quite crowded.
 I love to take pictures of soldiers in the different countries that I visit.  I love how he is standing on these metallic, mirrored steps.  
 Next we had lunch in the most beautiful restaurant that I have ever seen.  

 Finally we made our way to the hidden Hutong Houses.  They are court yard houses.  They were once huge, now they are the size of a small condo. 
We did not go into this house, but I had to take a picture as the entrance was solo beautiful.

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