Monday, January 6, 2014

China Day 6

Before I left on the China trip I went to eat at P.F. Changs, which has duplications of the Terra Cotta Warriors.  So this was a sight which I was truly excited to see. 
 This is how large the Terra Cotta Museam is, it has to be larger than a football field.  Amazing. 
 The warriors were all lined up in these long corridors. 
 Now this is in the museum to show people how some of the warriors looked when they were discovered.  Imagine the worlds largest puzzle.  I can't believe that they were able to reassemble them. 

 When we went to another portion of the museum, they had some warriors on display that you could see up close.  Also, I was lucky enough to see the warriors get dusted. The situation made me laugh. 
 This is my favorite picture from the site. 
 These puppets were created for the olympics, but they never made it to the event.  Our tour guide told us that it was thought that the warrior looked to foreboding.  Love it. 
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