Tuesday, January 7, 2014

China Day 7

Today we took a cruise down the Li river in Guilin.  These are some of my favorite pictures from my trip.

 Here are some other boat going down the river. 

These are the same type of limestone formations that Avitar was based off of.  The location is different though.  The pollution made it so that I could only take pictures of the mountains when we were right next to the the side that I wanted to take a picture of.  Otherwise they would be hazy.  
 As we watched the scenery go by, we saw a lot of water buffalo.  The buffalo only have to work one day a year when they harvest rice for the family that owns it.  For the rest of the year, it meanders.

We also saw a ton of rice paddies.  I loved the landscape, beautiful.
 We stopped on the drive back to the hotel to take some pictures of the rice paddies.  
 I love this house, surrounded by a sea of rice.  
I had to take a few pictures of the people that we saw on our way to and from the boat. 
 These are cormorants, they are used to fish in this area.  The fisherman will tie a string around the bird's neck, and then the bird will swim down into the water to catch the fish.  Once it comes up the fisherman will be able to retrieve the fish.  At the end they will feed the bird the smallest of the fish. 

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