Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Day 3 in Kyoto, Japan

Day 3 began with the Kiyomizdura Temple.  The roof is made of cedar, and the tall tower that you can see in the back-ground of the picture here was built to look like a lighthouse...so you can assume that I loved it here.

Next we made our way to the Kinkakuji temple (Golden Pavilion), which is spectacular in person.

These are pictures that I took right outside my hotel, I need more Cherry Blossoms in my life.  

Our final stop of the day was to the Prefectural Botanical Garden, my favorite spot was the Bonsai tree display.  

More bridal photos!!!

And finally, a quirky self portrait.  This is the glass from a pay phone, which was etched with geishas.  

Love Always,


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