Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Day 4 Kyoto, Japan

We started the day in Nijo castle, I happen to love castles and the cherry blossoms were fantastic.  

I was fascinated to see so many different species of cherry blossoms.  

These floor boards were made to squeak when people walked on them, as an early alarm system.  

Then we traveled to Heian Jingu Shrine.  

I wish I had visited this shrine on day one, the cherry blossoms had already started to fade when I visited.  That being said, this garden was wonderful.

This walkway was closed, so I was not able to walk across...but it was gorgeous none the less.

This was the most beautiful garden that we saw, throughout the trip.  

I couldn't end a day with Cherry Blossoms, without a bride picture.  :  )

Love Always,


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