Sunday, March 25, 2012

Serene Sunday

Sicily continued, salt mills and wine tasting.

I spent a week in Sicily, about the same amount of time that I spent in main land Italy, I felt like it was a bit too long.  I love Sicily, but my goodness, I spent half the time in a bus going from one coast to the other.

This salt mill was originally powered by windmill, that is no longer the case, but I really loved the look of this windmill.

This is one of the cogs that would grind the salt.  I love this shot because you can see into the dining area.  I was in a small museum in the back of the old mill.  

This is the salt water being brought into these little locks.  It is hard to see in the pictures, but in the closer lock the water is lighter, this is not an optical illusion.  As the water travels through each lock, the water is filtered out and the salt content becomes higher and higher.

Later the same day I believe we went to a small winery, I loved to rustic look of the exterior.

As this was a school trip, thankfully I was 21 at the time and was allowed to taste the wines.  I remember having such a wonderful time.

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