Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cafe Hon

Hamden is one of my favorite places in Baltimore.  I always feel safe walking around, no matter what time of night.  There are at least five wonderful restaurants, each with a different ambiance and warmth.  It is also a midway point between where I live and where my friends either work or I am there quite a bit.

 I am about to go off on a bit of a tangent, although I am doing a post on Cafe Hon I just have to clarify that I don't like the all...I ate there last February after it was highlighted on Kitchen Nightmares and decided to give it a try, even though I had only heard bad things about it.

When you eat in Balmer, Murland*, what you are looking for is fresh crab meat and some old bay.  We have amazing food and truly exceptional restaurants in Maryland...I promise...but I just don't think this restaurant really shows what we have to offer.  In my humble opinion, the food is just over priced and not great.  Ok, rant over Hon.

I decided to take some pictures of Cafe Hon yesterday due to the fact that it is a Baltimore Landmark, and while I may not love the restaurant, it is a part of our history.

Ok, so this is not the best picture...but it is very Hamden.  It is very young, and people are always getting zooming around on bicycles.  I was so focused on taking the picture, that I did not even see this guy speeding into my picture.  I love how blurry he is, and how spontanious this picture is.

 Cafe Hon is very recognizable, it is adorned with a three story pink flamingo.

Ok, so if you have never heard of Cafe Hon, be sure to watch Kitchen Nightmares and get filled in on the controversy that has had the entire city up in arms.  "86 the sweet fries!!!!!"  (I couldn't resist  :  )

Love Always,


*In a thick Maryland accent, Baltimore, Maryland is pronounced Balmer, Murland.

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