Monday, May 7, 2012


While driving to McDaniel, I drove through Glyndon.  Glyndon is a small historic town which was on the path of the Western Maryland Railroad.

This church was what really caught my eye, it is right on the main street, and it really spoke to me.  This is the Sacred Heart Church in Glyndon.

 I love the beautiful wooden doors, and the bell tower.

I'm sooo glad I made to trip back to take a few more pictures today.

A lot of the time, I have an idea of where I want to go, and then I good search the town and it's surrounding towns.  As soon as I saw St. John's Episcopal church, I knew I had to go there.  I love when churches have amazing, vivid, red doors.  

I also loved the little entryway that the church has as well, I wandered up and down the street trying to get it from different directions.  But I really prefer these shots that framed the red door.

I also loved the writing on the awnings, "Enter into His gates with thanksgiving...."

"...And into his courts with praise."  Psalm 100:4

I except for screening or multiplying certain areas of the pictures, the only edit that I made was to add pioneer woman's colorized action to all the pictures.  It brightened up all the pictures, and gave them an older, weathered look.

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  1. Thank you for your comment on my blog I appreciate it! I love the images that frame the red door. I really need to work on my "eye" for these types of shots more.