Thursday, May 3, 2012

Penn Station

Today was supposed to be rainy, but instead it was absolutely beautiful!!!!  I decided to just take a drive and find something to take some pictures of.

I could see this church from the highway, so I decided to make my way over and take some pictures.  I really loved the texture of the stone work on this church.

The church was just a few blocks away from Penn Station, so I just had to take a few pictures there.

I love the pop of color that the yellow cabs add to the place.

Smyth is a local jewelry store and they have taken out a really cute billboard.  It has the national bohemian beer man proposing to the utz potato chip girl.  I absolutely love it.

 I had an amazing day, and I am soooo happy that the weather is finally warming up.  I have been neglecting my photography and I have really missed it.

Love Always,


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  1. You really have a great perspective. Great images!