Saturday, May 5, 2012

McDaniel College

My BFF Jess and I decided to make a quick trip over to our Alma Matter, McDaniel College.

It's only about a forty minute drive form my house, and the drive is beautiful.  It was sooo fun to see so many familiar sites that I haven't seen in a few years.

I had to laugh when I took these pictures, this gate is on every information packet about McDaniel College.  It looks like this is the entry way to McDaniel.  Well, in the four years I went to school there, I never walked through this arch once!!!  The only time I have seen it is when I just took pictures there, and for my friend's senior pictures.  It is quite beautiful though.

Just as you walk through the lovely arch, you see our amazing theater.  I never noticed these amazing stained glass window in all the years I walked through campus, they must be in an area of the theater just for theater people.

This is one of the two churches on campus, they are not functioning churches, but they are a little throw back to what McDaniel was like many many moons ago.

I attended two masses held in this church, a priest would come over from the local catholic church to do the mass, but the majority of the activities I attended here were ceremonies form my co-ed community service fraternity.

We spent many a night lighting candles and getting all our lines right as we inducted or initiated pledges into our brotherhood.  Eventually our group got too big to use this space, but it reminds me of when we were a small, tight knit group.

I love how green the campus is, I don't think anyone really appreciates where they are until they return. I won't say that every moment of college was amazing, freshman and sophomore year were rough at times when I was finding my own way and building friendships, but on a whole I loved my college experience!!!  I just wish I had spent more time studying outside.  :  (  I won't bore you with any pictures of the library basement where I actually did my studying.

This is big baker, I actually had a couple of classes in this building.  As Jess and I walked through campus we loved hearing the bell tower ring. It's one of those things that brings back dozens of good memories...and memories of sprinting to class when your sparkly alarm didn't ring  :  )

This path leads down to my freshman year dorm, you can see it just past the light pole.  I walked down this path every day on my way back to my room.

ANW was my Sophomore year dorm, I can't say that I loved my roommatel, but I loved this dorm  It was quite as the grave, and it was right across the quad from the dining hall.  I also made some life long friendships that year.

The Catholic house, I lived here junior year and had an amazing year.  We had bible study, rosary nights, and Sunday night dinners after church.  The fellowship that we shared in this house was amazing.  But I won't forget poor Jess who lived in the room with the stained glass, which we have deducted...was not insulated properly, so she froze to death during winter.

Finally Jess, myself, and three of our friends lived together in a college apartment complex.  We had sooo much fun cooking, dancing, and studying together.  How I wish I could replay those last two years.

The McDaniel Caboose!!!  This landmark is right by the sports field and is the center of every homecoming celebration.  McDaniel was originally called Western Maryland College, and was renamed a little before I got there.

I couldn't miss taking a few pictures of this place.  It was a little sad, the Ravens used to have their training camp here, but after the lock out last year, they found that it was more convenient for them to have training camp closer to Baltimore.  I am sure this will have a big impact on Westminster and many fans who might not be able to afford the astronomical NFL tickets.

This is Mr. McDaniel, the person for whom the school is now named.

Finally, here is the gazebo, I had quite a few meetings there, and it has always been quite pretty.

Ok, that was my visit, I had a great time.  It is strange to not be a student there anymore, it has been such a large part of my life and it really helped mold me into the person I am today.  I have changed sooo much since I walked into my dorm for the first time.

Love Always,


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  1. Amazing architecture and wonderful photos. Love all the greenery too.