Saturday, May 12, 2012


I am taking a photography class with Lisa, from  I am really, really excited to start using full manual, and to leave the auto button alone.  Here are some pictures that I took of Kaylee in Aperture priority mode.  The first one is really blown out, but I really like it anyway.  I did not edit any of these pictures, and I am going to try to not do much editing at all for the next few months while I get better with the more manual settings of my camera.  I feel confident with my editing skills, of course I can improve in that area as well too though, so I am going to really focus on getting the best pictures sooc.  I'm really exicited to be back on the right track, and can't wait to see the progression of my photography.

I really wish Mr. Winks wasn't in the back ground of the first picture, but I can always edit him out later if I ever want to print it out.  I kind of like having my dad's hand in the photo, but I will probubly crop it or edit it out if I print those pictures as well.

Love Always,


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