Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Roland Park Water Tower

Today was supposed to be rainy and gross...so I had absolutely no intention of going out and taking pictures.  Thankfully I was surprised to see the sun shining this morning and decided to make a photography trip.  Roland park is right over the Baltimore County line into the City and has a lot of character.  I made my way to a few different locations, that way I can do posts on each location for the next few days....I tend to feel a little uninspired in the rain...something I need to change  :  )

According the the water tower's website it is under construction, so this is why there is a huge, ugly metal fence surrounding it.  I took the first picture just to show the detail at the top of the water tower.  Then I laid down on the ground and positioned my camera under the fence to take the next picture.  This winter I will go back and take more pictures, but the entire water tower is surrounded by beautiful trees...so getting a great, unobstructed picture was a little more challenging.

I wanted to show the beautiful green door, but I though it might be fun to switch between focusing on the door and the chain link fence.

I have a ton of places that I am excited to photograph...I think I may need to make a bit of a road trip this weekend.

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