Sunday, May 6, 2012

Serene Sunday

After a few weeks off from Serene Sunday, I am ready to show some more of my favorite trip pictures.

This is the Ortakoy Mosque, we saw this on the first night we were in Istanbul.  All mosques with more than one minaret (the tall spires) is an imperial mosque.  These mosques were built to show the victory of the empire in a conquest or battle.  

The next Mosque we visited in Istanbul was Sehzade Camii.  Sulieman the magnificent's mosque was under construction, otherwise we would have gone there.

I am really glad we got to see this mosque, which is still an active mosque.  It was not filled with tourists, so we could really explore the inside and did not have to worry about huge crowds.

The decorations inside the mosque were sooooo vivid, this was my first trip with my new camera, so I was still having trouble truely mastering the settings.  I know I am going to have to go back some day and hopefully I will take some better pictures.

 We also got into the mosque at an off time, so thankfully there were no worshipers there at the time, this way I did not have to worry about interupting or offending any one who was there to pray.  Everyone walking around in the backround was part of our travel group.

Next week I will add the pictures from the Hagia Sophia, which is the main reason why I wanted to go to Turkey.  It is truely one of the wonders of the world!!!!

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  1. I love your photos Meg and the interesting places you visit.

  2. Excelentes fotografias de valioso Patrimônio....