Thursday, June 19, 2014

Trip to Ireland: Day 6

Today we ventured to Ashford Castle.  First we took a lovely boat ride on the Lough Corrib.
 We were serenaded by Martin, who had a small part in the Quiet Man.  The Quiet Man was filmed in the town on Cong, which is very close to Ashford castle.
 A swan and her little cygnets, she had six babies in all. 
 As we disembarked the ferry, there was a bagpipe player welcoming us to the castle.

Never in my life, did I think that I would stay in a Castle.  
This was truly an amazing experience.
 If only I played chess  :  )

Today was a lovely day, which ended with a trip to the ballycurrin lighthouse, but the lighthouse will have to have a post of it's own.  It was the highlight of the trip.

Love Always,


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