Saturday, June 21, 2014

Trip to Ireland: Day 8

 Our first stop of the day was to the Knock Shrine, where fifteen people saw the Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph and Saint John.  This was a wonderful surprise. 
 Our next stop was Drumcliff where we could see William Butler Yeats' grave.  I fell asleep on the bus, apparently no one could bring themselves to wake me up, so instead of getting off with the rest of my group, I woke up to an empty bus.  It was a situation very reminiscent of the movie Airplane.  Everyone's things were still there but the bus was devoid of people.   
 It just so happened that our driver Martin had taken the bus to the gas station, and was just outside the bus.  Within a few minutes I was hurriedly making my way through Drumcliff to take some pictures.  
 So I got some great pictures and a hilarious story out of the trip.  Not too bad. 
 In Ireland, you are never far from the shore. 
 Next on the agenda was the belleek factory.  We actually got to see these pitchers being made. 

 I was delighted to find a bear claw tub in my hotel room.  Unlike Sheldon Cooper, I do not think bathing in a bear claw tub feels akin to being eaten by a monster.  I loved it.  
 The final activity of the day was a Bushmills whiskey tasting.  Do not fret, I only took a small sip from each glass.  But it was interesting as I have never been a whiskey drinker. 

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