Friday, June 20, 2014

Trip to Ireland: Day 7

Ok, I will be the first to admit that I took too many pictures on this trip.  This day alone is a huge part of why it has taken me a month to get all of my pictures edited.  Thankfully I am back on track.
 This morning before breakfast I walked around the castle grounds and took pictures of the gardens.
My favorite part was this hedge walkway, I am still working on my photos, but this gives you an idea of how wonderful it was.
This is possibly the best picture of the hedge that I took,  
 The flowers were magnificent.  

 I do not know why I love doorways as much as I do, but I can tell you that I was in heaven here. 
 My next destination of the day was Kylemore Abbey.  I know that this abbey looks nothing like hogwarts, but the fact that it was a girls boarding school, in the most majestic area that I have ever seen, reminded me of the spirit of Hogwarts  :  )
 I have a small tattoo on my achilles tendon, that says lotus in sanskrit.  
 I was very lucky to see these amazing flowers.  

 Another reason why Ashford castle is my favorite castle, is that it has a school of Falconry.  
 You actually send off the falcon, put a small piece of raw meat in your glove, and then the falcon comes back to you.  Except these are actually two hawks, not falcons.  But that is a minor detail. 
 I do not remember this guy's name, but I called him Falkor while I was there so I might as well keep it up now.  
 Falkor opening his wings to catch some sun.
 I love that they wore little bells on their ankles so that we could hear them coming.  
May I introduce you to Dingle the Owl, and I love him.  He is a Eurasian Eagle owl, he has lovely fuzzy feet and I love him.  

 This is the closest to a harry potter film that I will ever get.  
Today was an amazing day!!!
Love Always,


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