Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Blur, Blur, Blur: Photo Project week 2, day 5

Ok, so this week has officially been a bust.  I am going to redo blur blur blur next week, because I am just having a ton of trouble with this project.  I have effectively used blur to show motion, especially with Mr. Winks, but it has always been using the auto mode.  I am hell bent on using the shutter priority mode to complete this challenge.  So on week two of this challenge I am going to change things up.

Instead of best and worst Thursday, I am going to use Thursday and next week to continue capturing motion.  Also, starting this Friday I am beginning the 365 day challenge.  Not including a daily picture is not helping me. Everyday I take new pictures and if I don't include the best of everyday....even if they aren't up to my obsessive standard...then I am not truly documenting my journey.

So, if anyone is out there thank you for bearing with me.  I have never blogged before, I created this site on a lark...and I am kind of winging this.  I'll probably laugh at these silly posts in six months, but for right now I am stressing a little bit to find a rhythm for these posts.

I took these pictures over the summer, unfortunately the pupster was not in the mood to run around today but I'm sure over the next week I should be able to bribe him to co-operate.  :  )


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