Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mr Winks Wednesday

Periwinkle, or Mr. Winks as we tend to call him, is my little buddy.   This is our first picture together  :  )  Mr. Winks was three months old to the day, and soooo small.  His favorite place to sit was on my shoulders like a little parrot.

He absolutely hates the cold, so when we are outside he always tries to stand or sit on my shoes.

This is him playing with my brother's dog, Kaylee.  They are sooo silly running around the yard like they do.

These pictures make me giggle as well.  I love how Kaylee, the worlds sweetest, most good-natured dog looks crazed.  Then Mr. Winks looks like a little baby bird.  Both sweet as can be, but Kaylee just has bigger teeth  :  )

Mr. Winks is a little dog, with a huge personality.  He loves to cuddle, and hates to be alone.  I tend to take tons of pictures of him, hopefully Wednesdays will give me the push to edit these pictures and pick out the good ones.

Love Always,


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