Monday, February 27, 2012

Fells Point, February 27th, 2012

So today felt like spring!!!!!  I wore a light skirt and a short sleeved shirt.  I just hope that this weather keeps up.  My father went with me to take pictures, and we walked all over fells point.

Fell point again.  I do love fells point, but I would be lying if I said that I keep going back there for any other reason then I know the parking situation really well  :  )   Parking anywhere down town near the water can be difficult and quite expensive.  Typically I can find a free parking space easily...and it's pretty.

The birds were out in full force.  Of course I was cursing them ten minutes into my trip as I tried to take blurry pictures of them flying around, but I have to admitt, for pidgins they were pretty fun to photograph.

I love these corner buildings, which taper into like five feet.  I lightened the picture with hard light, and then used the screen tool to lighten a few spaces, and I like the depth it created.  

I love this doc, I don't love the pictures I took today, but I love the doc.  I am going to have to go back and take some more pictures, probably on a cloudy day.  I edited this picture a little bit, but it still is over exposed...I really need to capture the character of this dock.

The Natty Boh tree.  National Bohemian is a beer that was originally brewed right here in Baltimore, MD.  it's kind of infamous in Maryland.  The tree on the left has cut up Natty Boh cans hang through out, like a Christmas tree.  It really reminded me of the movie twister, where they cut up all the aluminum cans and add them to the tornado detector devices.  I guess I just love the dark bark against a vivid blue sky.

I love the hard light tool when it's used on rust.

Ok, so here are some of the pictures that I took today...that I don't hate  :  )  Hopefully tomorrow I will have a more successful, blurry day.

Love Always,


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