Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Diving right in.

So this is going to be an epic post, 16 pictures but please bear with me.  I assure you, it's worth it.

I have been trying to take better action shots for a long time now, and haven't been too successful, in fact this is my fifth try to get a series of a jumping penguin.  Thankfully this was the best jump, and I finally captured it.  
 The most difficult thing was trying to find a penguin just ready to jump.  One never knows if a penguin is just pondering deeply or if he is preparing to jump in. 
 And we have a Jumper.
 I can only give him an 8.5 for the landing, as it was almost a disaster...but amazing.
 Quickly he found his footing.
 Now came the long wait.  Not every penguin who makes the first jump, makes the second jump.
 Take my word on it, at a certain point I really had to censor my children's zoo language.
 Hummmmm, what to do?
 "Too bad my feet are to short to test the water.  How cold is it in there? It's pretty hot out here."
 OMG, I think something is happening, twenty minutes after we began.  Seriously.
 And we have lift off, I love how committed he is.  He just plunged right in, but of course I don't think his stubbly little legs give him much of a choice.  
 Uh oh, 7.5 for a belly flop  :  )
 Hahahah, he's trying to find his footing still. 
 Now for my favorite part of the entire jump, beginning to swim.
And he speeds away.

Maryland Zoo Fun Fact: According to the announcer at feeding display, The Maryland Zoo has the most successfully breeding program of any USA zoo for african penguins.  In fact over 950 chicks have been hatched in the zoo.  So the take away from this is that these penguins firmly believe in the baltimore slogan, "Why be less, when you can B-More?"

Love Always,


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