Monday, September 16, 2013

The highlight of my Washington trip....

We got to see the white house.  I must confess that Channing Tatum is my favorite actor, so I most definitely went to see the movie...more than once.  Afterward I was determined to visit D.C.
When we first saw the White house in the distance, I didn't think we would be able to get closer then where the police car was.  I was pleasantly delighted that we got to take better pictures. 
 Next we got to this barricade and could not find our way around it, to stand where the crowd was.
 Thankfully we did, we got some gorgeous pictures. I love Washington D.C.  It's too bad that I don't visit very often, I'll have to change that.  It's just so easy to catch a metro into the city, my friends and I already have plans to go back.

Love Always,


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