Monday, September 9, 2013

I think some penguins have a case of the mondays....

Like all wild animals, I would assume that penguins get territorial, but I couldn't believe these three penguins started a brawl right in front of me.

              -"Hey, we having a fight guys?"
                                                   -"Easy guys, I don't want a fight."

This doesn't seem quite fair to me, can you see that big huge beak?
 I love this little foot hovering over the edge.
                  -"Ummmmm, are we being watched"              
                     -"act cool guys, act cool."                                 -I'm getting the heck out of here.

No less than five minutes later there four were hanging out together like typical guys.  Have a big fight, ruffle some feathers, and then be done with it.                

Newly learned Maryland Zoo fun fact of the day: all the males have bands on their right arms, while the females have bands on their left arms.

Love Always,


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