Thursday, September 12, 2013

It's Time for a Small Smackerel

As I got to the zoo on Sunday, I ran into a volunteer who told me to be in a specific spot at exactly 11:30, as that was the time that they would be feeding the penguins. 
 Naturally I got there twenty minutes early to stake out the best spot.  The penguins are fed twice everyday, and it seemed like some of them were just there to see what was going on.  
After the penguin got the fish, he took his time eating it.  Man, I can't imagine any of these guys eating more then one fish in a sitting.  How big are their stomaches anyway?
 All in all, it was a pretty exciting thing to witness.

Maryland Zoo Fun Fact: Per the exhibit announcer, these african penguins can eat up to 20% of their body weight each day!!!  

Tomorrow will be the last installment of penguin week.

Love Always,


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