Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sunflower Field 2013

So I may have been late to the party, but I still showed up.  The Sunflowers bloomed weeks ago and I just found out.  As soon as I heard I grabbed my camera and made a bee-line for Jarrettsville.  And by Bee-Line, I mean it took twice as long as expected as I got horrible lost.  For reference, here is last years sunflower field .  I got there just in time last year.

I still got some great pictures, I just had to hunt around for a few lively sunflowers.  The sky was lovely. As you can see I wasn't too late. 
This is my favorite picture of the day, I love the dew drops.

 These sunflowers are massive, several feet tall.

 It took some work, but I got some pictures that give the illusion that the sunflowers are alive, while note capturing the huge rummage sale that was going on just to the left. 
All in all, this has already been a successful day and it is only 9am.
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