Saturday, September 14, 2013

Washington D.C.

So this morning I woke up and decided I wanted to go to DC.  I then called my friend Jess to see if she would be in, thank goodness she was, because I have not navigated the metro system in quite some time. 

 The metro terminals were huge.  Thank goodness for my phone, I had a metro map that I could keep pulling up. Before too long we got to the National Mall.  These pictures will come later, they will probably take some time to edit, and I can do another week long series.
 But what I can share are my pictures from Good Stuff Eatery.  This is a restaurant opened by Spike Mendelsohn, from top chef, and I had the most amazing lunch there!!!.
 I loved the decorations too. 
 I had a hamburger and fries with old bay mayonnaise, heaven.  The hamburger was juicy and the fries tasted fresh and home made.  I loved it. 
 And the piece de resistance was a Milkshake.  Jess and I shared it, and not a bit was left over.
 I'll be back when I'm in DC again.
After a long day in DC Jess and I made our way home.  By this time we finally had the metro line changes under control.  I had a great day, and I will definitely post more pictures this week. 

Love Always,


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